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"With his Joe-Fletcher-meets-Brad-Roberts gravelly bass delivery, lead singer Josh Field was like a cold splash of water in the face right when you need to wake up."


-Shawn Underwood, 

 Complete Review :


"The diverse music contained here seems designed like a comfortable set list. There are up-tempo songs nestled along plodding ballads. Field's voice is road worn and ragged, adding character to the lyrics. The album plays like Tom Waits fronting Crazy Horse singing lyrics that Neil Young wrote"


-Dustin Blumhagen,

 Complete Review :


"Field is in some ways an advanced bar-band habitué who, with his group Brother Nothing, ranges from country and rock through soul and reggae on his first LP."


-Jon M. Gilbertson,

“There’s something timeless about the dark rolling melodies of Brother Nothing’s woodsy rock and rasping Americana,”


-Ross Fortune Owner, Phoenix Saloon

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